Linus Svenning released his latest single “Dansa sakta” (Dancing Slowly) recently – and it isn’t about one of his family members! The song has not yet been released internationally in any form, and it’s only available to buy or stream in Sweden. Whilst we give a very stern look over to Linus’ management team, here’s a performance he gave of the song on the “Sommarlov” program on SVT:

“Dansa sakta” is not a hugely different from the likes of “Bröder” and “Pappa“, though it does mark a “softer” approach than we’ve from Linus in the past. Once again Linus’ distinctive voice conveys raw emotion. The chorus also works well and acts as a good hook for the rest of the song.

But you’re left wanting that little bit more. Even with the chorus, the whole thing is not quite as well constructed as his Melodifestivalen effort and, for a relatively new artist, Linus seems to be digging himself in to a bit of a hole with the same sound. Whilst we’re hardly wanting him to go full schlager (although, given some of his other recent activities, maybe a duet with RuPaul might be more fitting…), it would be nice to see something a little bit different from him.

Rating: 3/5

Photo: linussvenning

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9 years ago

This dude has a voice which is just totally made of awesome. Has a little trouble with the higher notes here, but in general I love the quality of his tone.