Junior Eurovision is just over two months away and things are beginning to hot up. Earlier tonight, the first Junior Songfestival semi-final took place in the Netherlands. Four acts took to the stage, but unfortunately only two could qualify for the final. And as y’all predicted in our poll, Suze and Chelsea were the lucky ones.

Suze “Holiday”


Chelsea “Waarom (Why)”


That meant we had to say goodbye to the lovely Sem and the cute as buttons duo, Bobby & Ella. But all is not lost, as the wildcard spot still has to be filled. We could be seeing one of them again in the final.

Sem “Jij Staat Op Nummer 1 (You’re Number 1)”


Bobby & Ella “Hard To Explain”


The Results

The cute factor was turned up a notch when all the finalists sang a group number, “Connected”. At the same time callers at home were greeted by pre-recorded messages from the contestants, thanking them for voting and telling them that all the tele-voting proceeds were being donated to Cordaid. Adorbs!

Next week sees the top three from our poll perform – Julia, Anne en Anique and Sebastiaan, and poor Beau who came second from bottom. Two of them, along with the wildcard, will then join Suze and Chelsea in the grand final on 27 September, when we’ll finally find out who’ll be jetting off to Malta in November. Who do y’all think will emerge victorious?

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Photo: AvroTros

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9 years ago

Chelsea only got 8 points from the jury and that made me really angry, she was defenietly the best. Even the Dutch audience saw that.

Anyway, I´m happy with the two qualifiers, although Chelsea should´ve got 3x 12 points. I hope that Julia will do this then next week, she and Chelsea are our big hopes for this year 🙂

9 years ago

Man, I hope Bobby and Ella win the wildcard 🙁

9 years ago

Great results, definitely deserving and what I hoped for. Next week Beau will definitely be eliminated and I think the other eliminated act will be the wildcard. The second semi is definitely the stronger of the two.
My hopes:
1- Anne & Anique
2- Julia
3- Sebastiaan (wildcard)
4- Beau