Eldrine, the Georgian band that represented Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, sure know how to rock. With their song “One More Day”, the group finished sixth in the first semi-final and an impressive ninth in the grand final. We loved the song and lead singer Sopho—one of the most glamorous rocker chicks in the Caucasus.

Since Eurovision 2011 Eldrine has kept a good thing going. As part of “MTV LIVE GEORGIA”, they warmed up the audience for Enrique Iglesias. They also released their first album “Till the End”, which they dedicated to all the soldiers involved in the ISAF Mission in Afghanistan. They recently had a quick chat with our Georgia correspondent Rezo Mamsikashvili. Here are the highlights.

Well hello member of Eldrine! Has your life changed at all since the Eurovision Song Contest 2011?

Definitely our life has changed after ESC 2011. We have earned lot of fans from all over the world. Eurovision gave us a chance to express ourselves and to show to the world small part of our creative work and we received an amazing feedback.

When did you start watching Eurovision?

We started watching ESC in 2007, when the Republic of Georgia joined the show for the very first time. Our old friend and great singer Sopho Khalvashi gave a spectacular show that year.

What did it mean to represent your country at Eurovision?

Representing your country at such a big scale contest is an unimaginable honor and at the same time a huge responsibility. You are the face of your country. When 300 million viewers are watching you live from their TVs from all over the world and also from the venue, you should do your best to not fail and to show yourself from the best side. That is what we did.

How many albums have you released?

We released our first album named “Till the end” in October 2013. You can easily find it on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. The album was dedicated to all soldiers involved in ISAF mission in Afghanistan.


What are your future plans?

We are planning to do some tours in Europe and looking for a tour promoter to help us with that. We are an independent band which means we are not signed, but we keep moving on and creating a lot of great new songs, because this is what we love and this the only way to express ourselves. We hope that we will have a possibility in the near future to share with people all the new stuff that we have already created.

How do you spend your time outside of music?

A true band is like a true family and I think we are the perfect example for that. We are always finding a time and a space to hang out together. For more details you can check out the photos on our official Facebook page.

What’s your favorite Eurovision entry?

We like a lot of songs from ESC and it is very hard to choose the only one.

Did you watch Eurovision this year? Who was your favourite?

Yes, since 2011 every year we are hanging together, getting a lot of beer and snacks and watching ESC together. Our favorite song for this year was “Not Alone” by ARAM Mp3.

Do you have a special message for the readers of wiwibloggs?

Keep calm and Rock ’N’ Roll.

Thanks for the interview, and best of luck with your next album.

Thank you!

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9 years ago

Really good to hear from Eldrine. Their song continues to be a favourite of mine & Sopho’s vocals continue to amaze me; what a powerful voice!

I have to cringe when I read Keep Calm and Rock ‘N’ Roll. This “Keep Calm” crap is over used & wasn’t funny the first time.

9 years ago

Eurovision needs more Eldrines! Love them!

9 years ago

Such a good article.

9 years ago

Love your Band,Nice Interview