Ruth Lorenzo Eurovision

Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters—and Ruth Lorenzo now has her Pequeños gigantes (Little Giants). Spain’s Eurovision 2014 singer got down with the children in a sweet group rendition of her Eurovision song “Dancing in the Rain” on the Spanish singing contest for kids. Ruth doesn’t have any children, but she channels motherly warmth in this sweet video. Ruth gave the kiddies one piece of advice afterwards: “You only have to keep believing in yourself.” Awww.

Ruth Lorenzo on Pequeños gigantes

Photo: (EBU)

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9 years ago

Ruht Lorenzo como profesional,doce puntos

Yudhistira Mahasena
9 years ago

I love Ruth Lorenzo, although she was not a winner on Eurovision 2014… Spain return to JESC already!

9 years ago

Man, I hope Spain returns to JESC 🙁