wiwibloggers Jacob and William made the journey to Setúbal, Portugal earlier this month to catch all the Eurovision action going on at the Eurovision Live Concert 2014. While there, they got up close and personal with the performers, including Slovenia’s contestant in 2005, Omar Naber. Yes, they are in front of the men’s room. The paparazzi would have been after dear Omar outside!

During the interview, Omar proclaims his love for Setúbal, and expresses his disappointment over not having enough time to explore Lisbon (News flash: He’s going back, y’all!). We noticed that the Slovene hunk is much more inked now than he was in Kyiv. Not one to be shy, Omar showed us each and every one one. Later he answered the age old question of whether he will return to the contest, but this time, there’s a bit of a twist on the answer!

Omar has been very active this year: He competed in the Slovene national final with “I Won’t Give Up” (watch his live performance from Setúbal below), he talked to our correspondant Kaja during an exclusive Ljubljana home visit in our “A Slice Of Life” series, and released a new album “Ne glavo”.

Omar Naber competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with the song “Stop”.

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8 years ago

J’adore Kate Ryan, but I find him to be an even more worthy namesake of the Kate Ryan Award for Most Wronged at ESC Award than she.