Earlier this month Softengine gave us the good with the bad. The bad news was the departure of their bassist. The good news? Their debut album will drop on October 17. And now they have let us know the name of their long-awaited album: “We created the world”. The album will include the band’s Eurovision 2014 entry “Something Better“, their latest single “Yellow House” and nine brand new songs. The band also revealed the track list on their official Facebook page today. All you Softies can now pre-order the album from Record Shop X (they ship worldwide).


But even before the album’s release, Softengine will tease us one more time. They will release the album’s fifth track “The Sirens” as a single next Friday, October 3.

OGAE Finland Eurovision Cruise 2014

Softengine were guest stars aboard OGAE Finland’s Eurovision cruise 2014. If you didn’t make it to the cruise, don’t worry. We captured the band playing their Eurovision entry “Something Better” and an older song called “We Are Talkin’ To Myself”. Enjoy!

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7 years ago

Late release for the album
should relased their album
with participating esc