When we read that tickets to Junior Eurovision 2014 had sold out earlier this morning, we fuh-reaked. We’ve been dancing to the Cypriot entry all day and night, so completely forgot to buy our tickets. Fortunately, and despite the official word from Malta’s broadcaster, it seems that you can still purchase tickets for the final, as we secured two seats in the Platinum G section at 10:10am GMT this morning. A quick click-thru reveals that you can also get tickets in Platinum H and Platinum F, and at least three sectors in the Gold Section on the JESC ticketing web site.

Junior Eurovision 2014 Seating Plan

Junior Eurovision 2014 seating plan


Junior Eurovision 2014 Jury Tickets

Given all the demand, officials have now released tickets to the jury final, which takes place on Friday, November 14. This is essentially a dress rehearsal for the live show on Saturday, and it’s judged by the professional juries, who account for 50% of the final score.

The prices of the tickets for the Jury Final show are:

  • €10 Standing
  • €15 Gold
  • €30 Platinum

You can buy them on Ooii.com.mt.

Photo: junioreurovision.tv

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8 years ago

Like Alex said…Good luck Malta!

8 years ago

it’s a big deal for the Maltese, their first hosting of a Eurovision-related event. Good luck!