The Common Linnets have certainly been busy as of late, delivering two new covers in the space of a week!

In perhaps the more surprising of the two, the Linnets have teamed up with Belgian jazz pianist Jef Neve to cover “Gypsy” from Lady Gaga’s latest album, ARTPOP, on the Belgian chat show “Cafe Corsari”.

The Linnets have given the song a twist to suit their style, turning it into an acoustic piano and guitar-led duet. It has a heightened sense of longing, as opposed to the optimism found in the original. Throw all that in with the moody lighting and it’s fair to say this one is a hit.

There’s more. They’ve also performed the single “My Silver Lining” from Swedish folk-duo First Aid Kit on Dutch radio.

The Swedish sisters’ original is obviously much closer in style to what you’d expect from the Linnets, but that doesn’t stop Ilse and the band from putting their own spin on it again, the group harmonising flawlessly throughout the song.

Amongst all this, of course, they’re busy getting ready for their upcoming tour of Europe. It’s fair to say they’ve found the “silver lining” after their “wandering man” left them

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9 years ago

I love Ilse so much.