Whoever said that too much of a good thing is bad for you clearly wasn’t a Eurovision superfan. Back in the summer we shared with you our first and second compilations of Eurovision stars who originally found fame on talent shows, including Kalomira, Alexander Rybak, Loreen and Ivi Adamou to name but a few. Now we’ve dug even deeper into the annals of televised singing contests and can present to you the third installment. Cue the confetti and tears…

Jessica Garlick (The United Kingdom 2002)


In 2001, Jessica Garlick participated in Pop Idol. She may have lost to Will Young, but she obviously turned a few heads at the BBC, as they asked her to perform Come Back at the UK’s national final that year. She won and ultimately placed third at Eurovision. After the contest she was involved in a campaign to prevent teenage smoking. We think that’s pretty hot.


Soraya (Spain 2009)

There weren’t any magic tricks in her Operación Triunfo performance, but her voice is magical enough. That woman has got some power! No wonder she came second in 2005. Unfortunately history didn’t repeat itself at Eurovision, where she ended up second to last. Her latest single was also a big flop. (#awkward). So let’s rewind to 2005 and enjoy this performance. La noche es para ti Soraya!


Nadine Beiler (Austria 2011)

Nadine showed Europe her amazing voice at Eurovision 2011, but Austrians learned about it way before that. This is just WOW—Woman of Wonder! It’s not exactly surprising that she won the third edition of Starmania, slaying Tom Neuwirth (Eurovision diva Conchita Wurst) in the process.

Getter Jaani (Estonia 2011)

Getter Jaani played Sharpay Evans in the Estonian version of High School Musical and Sandy in Grease. If Aladdin ever hits Tallinn’s version of Broadway, then the producers seriously need to hit up Getter. Here she is singing the Estonian version of A Whole New World oEesti otsib Superstaari, in which she finished fourth.

Loukas Giorkas (Greece 2011)

Here’s Loukas without his Eurovision companion Stereo Mike on stage at the X Factor 2009. He won the competition, but we have to admit: it’s not just his singing that stands out. His unibrow owns that stage. Thank god he made two eyebrows out of it before performing in Dusseldorf.

Kati Wolf (Hungary 2011)

When Hungary revealed Kati Wolf’s song in 2011, the bookies instantly made her a favourite and she became the year’s biggest fan wank. We don’t have to remind you guys what a disappointment her performance was, or that the hot mess ended up in 22nd place. A year before her Eurovision performance, she was a finalist in the Hungarian X Faktor.


Alex Sparrow (Russia 2011)

Aww, what a sweet boy he was – just look at his cute little smile! Nothing like the heartbreaker we saw at Eurovision 2011. Alex used those six years between his appearance on the first series of Russian X Factor and Eurovision to release over a dozen singles, and more importantly, to transform himself from shy teen to complete Euro-hunk.

Amandine Bourgeois (France 2013)

In 2008 Amandine took part in the sixth series of the French version of Pop Idol, Nouvelle Star. Even though she won the show, her music career never really took off. Representing la belle France on the Eurovision stage was supposed to be her fresh start, but we all know how that ended up…

Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014)

Louis Walsh described Ruth Lorenzo as a diva waaay before we did. At Eurovision this year Ruth proved that powerful ballads suit her extremely well, but hey, the girl could sing the alphabet and it would still be amazing. She ended up in fifth place on UK X Factor in 2008, which makes it hard to believe that she didn’t advance past the audition stage of the Spanish talent show Operacion Triunfo. 

Waylon (The Netherlands 2014)

This country singing cowboy started his career on Holland’s Got Talent in 2008. He wowed the whole audience with his powerful audition which ultimately led him to second place in the competition. It’s pretty clear to us that Waylon can command a stage all by himself, so who needs Ilse?

Which audition is your favourite and which one suprised you the most? Let us know in the comments box below! 

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9 years ago

“so who needs Ilse?”
Well, Waylon apparently did, because his career wasn’t going that well before their collaboration.

9 years ago

“Kati Wolf’s ……. the year’s biggest fan wank”

I have to disagree, I think it was Loukas from Greece