It’s week two, and things are starting to sizzle on the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor. After last week’s two part dry run, the big guns came out (in Thom Evans‘ case, literally – those arms, PHWOAR), as the celebs did their damnedest to try and avoid tomorrow’s dreaded danceoff and potential elimination.

Webbe Watch

Firstly, let’s check in on Blue’s Simon Webbe. Once again, the Eurovision 2011 star gave a solid performance. However, his tango wasn’t quite as spectacular as week one’s jive. Len Goodman criticised his leg movements, while Bruno Tonioli declared he was lacking the “animal magnetism” (ooh aargh) required for the dance. Despite the harsher comments, and a five from Craig Revel Horwood (boo), Simon still scored a respectable 26, and sits fifth on the judge’s leader board.

Dance Of The Night

Both our star dancers from last week – tv host Caroline Flack and The Saturdays’ Frankie Bridge – maintained their good form, but they were eclipsed by Eastenders actor Jake Wood and “Mama Do” singer Pixie Lott. Earning an impressive six “9”s between them, there’s not much to set one apart from the other. But we’re suckers for a good dollop of Disney style whimsy, so Pixie’s waltz gets the nod this time. Cinderella eat your heart out.

Needs To Go

There’s a clatter of celebs huddled around the bottom of the leaderboard – Jennifer Gibney, Tim Wonnacott, Gregg Wallace, Scott Mills, Judy Murray. In fairness to most of them, they all improved (albeit slightly) from their previous dances. All except Judy. Two weeks in, and the mother of tennis ace Andy, is still plagued by nerves. Her cha cha was rigid and wooden, earning her a mere 17 points. She seems like a lovely lady, but unfortunately this is a competition, and she’s not up to scratch. She’s not even so bad she’s good (a la Tim and Scott). Dull and forgettable – Judy needs to go.


Srictly Come Dancing 2014 Week 2 Leaderboard


Sunday night will see the first elimination of the series. Once the judge’s points are combined with the public vote, the two lowest scoring stars will be pitted against each other in a battle of dance. The victor will remain, while the loser is sent packing. Our money’s on Judy getting the boot. Also, the professionals are doing a group number to Frozen’s “Let It Go” which promises to be epic! Can’t wait!

Photo: BBC Strictly Come Dancing Facebook

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6 years ago

@Lieke: I never knew Judy Murray was that awesome.

6 years ago

And that while Andy is known for his competitive spirit..She’s also a fanatic tweeter. You should totes read this. It’s hilarious.