When Eurovision fans think of San Marino, they think of Valentina Monetta. They may also think of Valentina in her bathing suit with our cameras pointed in her face, as captured in our recent ‘Slice Of Life’ segment from the serene republic. 

Well wiwibloggs has bagged another exclusive with Miss Monetta. The Eurovision 2014 finalist invited us to a special charity concert organised by SMTV, and sponsored by Secretary of State for Culture, and the Italian Embassy.

Valentina headlined the September 30 concert to support The Comites (Committee of Italians Abroad), which will use the proceeds to help needy families San Marino and neighbouring Italy. The concert also allowed Valentina to introduce the home crowd to her sophomore album “Sensibility”.

Appearing alongside Valentina were Roberto Monti, Elisa Manzaroli, San Marino Big Band, the San Marino Choir, the Military Band, Sara Jane Ghiotti, Giulia and Elisa Lazzarini, Mirko Moroncelli, Florian Luca, Alex Gorbi, Claudio Malerba, Simone Migani. Fabrizio Raggi, who provided the art direction for Valentina’s appearances in Malmö and Copenhagen, provided the stage direction for this project as well.

You can follow the latest San Marino Eurovision news here.

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8 years ago

Her album is “Sensibility”, not “Sensitivity”