When Kitty Brucknell competed on the eighth series of the UK X Factor in 2011 she didn’t just purr—she roared. During her audition she earned four yesses for her killer performance of Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”, and, during the live shows, Brian May from Queen thanked her for delivering a killer performance of “Who Wants to Live Forever”. She may have finished seventh, but she walked away with a growing public profile and tens of thousands of new fans.

So it’s no wonder that a lot of you in Eurovision-land are going gaga over the news that Kitty has submitted a song called “Yearning” for Switzerland’s national selection for Eurovision 2015! She recently caught up with wiwiblogger and Ireland correspondent Padraig to sound off on the UK’s Eurovision track record, her love of Ruth Lorenzo’s Eurovision song, her mixed feelings about X Factor and how she would tour all of Europe if she had the chance to sing for La Suisse at Eurovision. After seeing how lovely she is, we’re going to have to throw a few more votes her way…

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Chandy Music
Chandy Music
8 years ago

Kind of annoyed that you said her song is the best. Open Heart Surgery is a much better song and I hope it wins for Switzerland 🙂

I wonder why she thinks her song would be a good choice for Eurovision. Dance music doesn’t tend to do well with the juries.

8 years ago

I like the interview. She is a real Eurovision fan. Too bad her song is so awful.