We have some very exciting news for y’all! After ten years of dating, and writing a Eurovision song all about tying the knot, Finnish superstar Krista Siegfrids has finally received a proposal from her long-time boyfriend Janne Grönroos while on holiday in Maldives. Let the wedding bells ring!

Krista made the announcement on her Instagram account earlier today.


DIIING DOOONG! ???? He proposed… I said HELL YEAH!!! ?????? #love #marryme #dingdong

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Krista Siegfrids performed in the 2013 edition with the song “Marry Me“. And while part of her song’s message was to campaign for LGBT rights in Finland, her other motives were, erm, more than obvious. Sometimes subtlety ain’t key!

Since then, Eurovision fans and bloggers have been feverishly following our favorite Eurovision couple, and it has finally paid off. While we are saddened that we won’t be seeing any faux-lesbian kisses from her for a while, we wish the best of luck to Mr. and Mrs. Ding Dong! We can’t wait to see Krista march down the aisle (maybe in those pink high-heels?).

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For the record to a writer, Krista isn’t any superstar, she just act like she is!

David Thielen

If only Krista hadn’t been so subtle in hinting that she wanted to get married, then he might have proposed years ago.


Congratulations to Krista and Janne! Long live Mr. & Mrs. Ding Dong!