The live final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 takes place in exactly one month in Malta. As we count down the days, let’s pause and rememer some of the fierce dance moves that have come before. You don’t be an adult to have some major attitude!

Malta’s Gaia Cauchi sashays…

gaia cauchi junior eurovision white dress

Albania’s Igzidora does the “no, no” finger dance…

albania junior eurovision 2012

Georgia’s Mariam Kakhelishvili does cray-cray in a good way…

georgia jesc junior eurovision mari dari 2010

Spain’s María Isabel drops attitude with her fan…

maria luisa isabel jesc junior spain

Ukraine’s Anastasiya Petryk shows off spooky-chic…

anastasiya petryk

Russia’s Lerika and the perfect group sidestep…

Lerika jesc junior eurovision

Katya Ryabova unveils a very big heart…

katya ryabova junior eurovision 2012

Georgia’s Group Candy does the bend and snap…

candy music georgia junior

Lerika gets jiggy with it for Moldova in 2011…

lerika junior eurovision moldova

Belarus’ Ksenia Sitnik shakes those pony tails…

junior eurovision belarus

Armenia’s Vladimir Arzumanyan pointing with major style…

vladimir arzumanyan

Baby Gaga is just so good we had to feature her again…

georgia 2010 mari dari junior eurovision

Israel’s play Follow the Leader…

kidsil israel eurovision junor

Holland’s Ralf Mackenbach stages a tap revival…

ralf machenbach

Russia’s Tolmachevy Sisters give us some sisterly love…

Tolmachevy sisters jesc

Georgia’s Bzbeki go freestyle…

bzbeki junior eurovision georgia

Belarus’ Alexey Zhigalkovich doesn’t mind disorder…

alexey jesc junior

Croatia’s Dino stealthly moves from piano to mic stand…

dino jesc winner

Who was your favourite dancer? What other acts would you include?

You can follow all of our Junior Eurovision 2014 coverage by clicking here.

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Andrea Lucasiti
Andrea Lucasiti
5 years ago

Georgia 2010, 2008, 2011, 2012 😀

6 years ago

awesome idea I love to dance! And these moves are very funny, although some moves are unnecessary… For example I don’t know, which moves are soo “good” from Georgia 2010. Baby Gaga did nothing… :/ And Rachel from the Netherlands 2011 is missing with her “ey ey ey we say no-o-way”-move. Oh and don’t forget Georgia 2012 with their dance at the live show, the snap of Femke’s “Tik Tak Tik”, Georgia 2013 at the refrain and to mention a funny move again: Look at the beginning of Bulgaria 2011 how they walked on the stage… soo funny! – Macedonia… Read more »

Kath Lockett
Kath Lockett
6 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Makes me want to dance (but I have, erm, promised a few people that I might attempt Teo (Belarus ESC 2014)’s ‘shuffle move’ in the Press Centre 😛

6 years ago

Missing Dani’s skate tennins for Spain in 2006

6 years ago

Maria Isabel,antes muerta que sensilla¡

6 years ago

Malta 2013
Albania 2012
Georgia 2008, 2010, AND 2011
Israel 2012
Russia 2012
Moldova 2011

6 years ago

I was just about to say: <3 Maria isabel

6 years ago

Maria Isabel!

6 years ago