Tomorrow at noon Malta’s Federica Falzon will present her Junior Eurovision 2014 song “Diamonds”, which will include lyrics about how “together we can all shine, like diamonds in the sky!” Federica will start shining tomorrow when she unveils her official video at her own school—and Maltese broadcaster TVM is kind enough to stream it online to all of us fans. You can watch the stream by clicking – HERE.

To celebrate the news, our Croatian correspondent Mario caught up with Federica. She dishes on her TV experience in Italy, her love of Gaia Cauchi, and her favourites at this year’s contest. Here are the highlights of their chat.

Hi, Federica! You’re a great singer, but do you have any hobbies besides singing?

I like drawing, paintings and crafts. I also enjoy cycling and a good book.

Did you watch previous editions of JESC? And what’s your favourite sone?

“The Start” by Gaia, of course. Everyone is proud of her winning for Malta last year.

Popera has never been performed at Junior Eurovision. Do you think it is powerful enough to win?

I hope so. I shall try my best.

Would you like to participate in adult Eurovision?

Maybe. Give me time. I need to do my best in Junior Eurovision first.

Have you heard any other songs from Junior Eurovision 2014? If yes, who’s your favorite so far?

There are some good songs. I particularly like the songs from Bulgaria and Russia.

Can you tell us more about PBS’ approach? How have preparations gone so far?

They’re going very well. It has been fun making a video and now I’m looking forward to rehearsing at the exciting new venue.

What was your reaction to Gaia’s victory?

I was delighted. She’s great.

The theme is “extreme sports”. What extreme sports do you play/watch/like (other than vocal gymnastics)?

It’s been like an extreme sport making the video. They needed me on the beach to start filming at five in the morning.

What does the slogan “#together” mean to you?

That we can make new friends and enjoy each other’s music.

Do you hang out with Gaia on daily basis? Are you two going in the same school?

We have the same vocal coach so see a lot of each other.

What are your musical inspirations? Do you listen to modern music, or do you prefer more classical music?

I have wide tastes and there’s a lot more for me to discover.

How do you feel about your growing popularity in Malta? Do people wave at you and ask for autographs?

Not just in Malta. People in Italy stop me to say hello, too. It takes some getting used to.

You won this year’s edition of the popular Italian singing contest ‘Ti Lascio Una Canzone’. Congratulations for that. Were there moments when you felt isolated because you’re not from Italy. Was language a barrier?

When I first went to Italy I didn’t know yes from no, but now I understand the language a lot better.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of performing outside of your country?

I like meeting people from other countries, but it’s great to sing at home and have the support of people who know you.

You can read all of our Junior Eurovision 2014 news by clicking here.

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9 years ago

OMG, so does this mean she would really do a “popera”? Uh-oh!!!!

9 years ago

Ooooh, is it gonna be save-the-best-for-last case for Malta this year in JESC? We’ll find out!!!!

9 years ago

You go, Willy! <3

@pera, why do you think we only post Malta stuff?

9 years ago

Singer from Malta have so many report on this site. I want report about 15 singers from Junior Eurovision 2014 not only many reports about malta singers.