A while back, we shared our favourite Instagram accounts from adult Eurovision artists. Now with Junior Eurovision 2014 just weeks away, we are excited to share with you our favorite Instagram profiles from the young ones. Given that these digital natives have a passion for posing and posting, there was certainly no shortage of accounts for us to peruse! But which artists can master two mediums? And which teenagers know when to use XX Pro and when to use Valencia?

Note: This list only represents a handful of our favourite accounts. We’ll feature more in the weeks ahead. If you’d like to have yours featured, please e-mail teamwiwi [at] wiwibloggs [dot] com with INSTAGRAM in the subject line.

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Dayana Kirillova (Russia 2013)

dayana kirillova instagram

The “Mechtay” singer has a lot of love for Insta! In less than a year she has already posted over 400 pics! (Mostly selfies).

Julia Kedhammar (Sweden 2014)

julia kedhammar instagram

She might not be much of a smiler, but she certainly loves being sophisticated in her pictures. Now vogue, vogue, vogue…

Nika Turkovic (Croatia 2004)

nika turkovic instagram

She filters a lot of black and white, with only sporadic hints of color. Chic!

Ralf Mackenbach (Netherlands 2009)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 17.32.28 PM

He obviously loves hanging out with his friends, but grown-up Ralf also likes to show his sympathy for world tragedies.

Chelsea Hegener (Netherlands National Final 2014)

chelsea hegener instagram

She, like Ralf, also likes taking selfies with friends. She also posts a lot of videos chronicling her everyday life. She also loves fashion.

Ilya Volkov (Belarus 2013)

ilya volkov instagram

He posts a lot from his career after Junior Eurovision, showing off his gigs all over Belarus. Bonus: he skateboards in a convention center lobby for his fans!

Sophia Patsalides (Cyprus 2014)

sophia patsalides instagram

She doesn’t focus on herself too much in her pictures. Rather, she likes showing off whatever is in her hands at that very moment. But that’s all cool, because a girl with a Spongebob phone case is our favorite kind of girl!

Michele Perniola (San Marino 2013)

michele perniola instagram

Michele is never alone, it seems. Either he is too busy with other people to post, or he finds time to post in the company of friends and colleagues. But his filters are certainly artsy!

Angelina Pipper (Belarus National Final 2014)

angelina pipper instagram

She knows her pictures are too good to crop out anything, so she puts excess white borders to good use. Most of the pictures chronicle her life, but are still very professional looking.

Arianna Ulivi (San Marino 2014)

arianna ulivi instagram

She’s your typical teenage girl: selfie, selfie, artsy self-portrait, selfie.

Erik Rapp (Sweden 2011)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 17.34.55 PM

Erik, who came out after JESC, has posted lots of pictures related to pride, something very dear to him.

Anita Simoncini (San Marino 2014)

anita simoncini instagram

She loves her artsy shots and her smoothie shots. Who doesn’t love some frozen fruit?

Katya Ryabova (Russia 2009 and 2011)

katya ryabova instagram

Her pictures don’t really have a set theme, but we love surprises!

What do you guys think? You likey? Any other accounts that ought to be featured? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 years ago

It is still stunning how beautiful the Swedish Julia is.

7 years ago

Ralf Mackenbach represented the Netherlands in 2009 not in 2011. Their 2011 representative was Rachel.