Rumour has it that Kállay-Saunders had two dreams at the start of the year. The first was to represent Hungary at Eurovision. Check. The second was to have his own band. And wouldn’t ya know, that dream has come true too! Some people have all the luck.

We’ve known about the project for a little while – apparently if he does represent his homeland again it will be with the group. Taking a leaf out of Switzerland’s Anna Rossinelli’s book, the band have taken the lead singer’s name.  And after months of waiting we are finally able to hear some music. They’ve decided to cover one of the summer’s biggest hits, Mr. Probz’ “Waves”. It’s a marmite effort. Personally, I think Kállay is perfection as always on the track, which begins softly before breaking into some rock ‘n’ roll towards at the end. Some of my colleagues however, think this is worse than Emmelie De Forest’s attempts to cover Nirvana. Shall we agree to disagree?

I can’t end without mentioning the red headband… maybe it’s an unnecessary accessory, but somehow on Kállay it’s sexy.

What do you guys think? Y’all can compare and contrast the two versions below and share your opinions in the comments.

Kállay-Saunders Band “Waves” Cover Version

Mr. Probz “Waves”


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9 years ago

This is great! I love the original version but Andras and his band have made a fantastic version of an amazing song!