Get your credit cards ready! Cleo and Donatan will release “Hiper/Chimera” — their debut album together — on November 7! The pair obviously got along really well in Copenhagen: since then they have been constantly blowing it up on YouTube with new songs and music videos — taking jabs at corrupt officials in “Cicha Woda,” shaking what their mamas gave ’em in “Slavica”, grooving to “Ten Czas”, and drinking to “Brac”. We’ve only heard the beginning.


There is no track list of yet. However, Cleo is clearly thrilled about the song “Sztorm”. As part of the promotional materials, Cleo looks ravishing in a black dress (maybe Cleo should have an evening wear fashion line!) and a whole lot of wind (a popular Eurovision prop).

We expect “My Slowianie” and the singles mentioned earlier to show up, as well as some dance singles, as Donatan is an electronic music producer.

Are y’all excited about “Hiper/Chiemra”, or do you think the duo needs to polish up? Let us know below!

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9 years ago

I preordered this last month (thank God for Google Translate) and it did have a tracklist on the store I think. It was very reasonably priced too (including shipping to the uk) and they said they’re signing the copies! 🙂

I also agree, Francheska, Cleo looks gorgeous in that photo!

9 years ago

good luck Cleo – I hope she gets all the success she deserves