We reported yesterday that Donatan and Cleo’s first album, Hiper/Chimera will be released in about two weeks, but until now, the track listing has been a secret. Today Donatan revealed via Facebook what beats will be dropped in their new CD, as well as the back cover design. Here’s the rundown.

Track listing of Hiper/Chimera

Tracklisting of Donatan and Cleo's album Hiper/Chimera
We’re still waiting for the song about a piano-smashing serpent.
  1. “Introdukcja” – the album starts off with a little introduction.
  2. “Hiper/Chimera” – the title track.
  3. “Brac” – their latest single, featuring Enej.
  4. “Sztorm” – this is their last promo single for this album.
  5. “Ten Czas” – another post-Eurovision collaboration, this time featuring Kamil Bednarek.
  6. “Slavica” – the majority-English, hip-hop dominated version of My Slowianie, as well as the namesake of their fashion line.
  7. “Tlusty Czarny Kot” – no idea what it sounds like, but I’m sure we’ll be blown away!
  8. “Cicha Woda” – along with rapper Sitek, the gang busts some corrupt politicians.
  9. “Cofnac Czas” – a yet-to-be released collaboration with Miuosh.
  10. “My Slowianie” – this one needs no introduction.
  11. “Papierowy Lad” – Google Translate spits this out as “order paper”, leaving us totally stumped.
  12. “B.I.T.” – yet another collaboration, this time with Waldemar Kasta.
  13. “Nie Pozwol” – the second collaboration with Kamil Bednarek.
  14. “Efekt Motyla” – it translates to “The Butterfly Effect”.

Plus a bonus! Are you excited?

Donatan and Cleo represented Poland this May with “My Slowianie”.