Malta’s Eurovision broadcaster PBS has announced the running order for its Semi-Final on 21st November 2014. 

14 of the 20 competing acts will advance to the Final on the 22nd November and one of them will get the golden ticket to sing for Malta in Vienna in May 2015.

Your favourites on the wiwibloggs poll of the Maltese semi-finalists have been split wide through the running order. Two of your Top 5 from the poll Christabelle and Jessika have been put towards the front of the draw. 2011 act Glen Vella will anchor the middle of the show and hot favourite Amber, together with the Ekklesia Sisters will help close the show.

The full running order can be found below:

1. “Home” – Lyndsay

2. “Could Have Been Me” – Iona Dalli

3. “Still Here” – Franklin

4. “Rush” – Christabelle

5. “Fandango” – Jessika

6. “Closed Doors” – Chris Grech

7. “12, Baker Street” – Karen DeBattista

8. “Something in the Way” – Daniel Testa

9. “Breakaway” – Glen Vella

10. “Stop Haunting Me” – Raquel

11. “Take Me As I Am” – Domenique

12. “The One That You Love” – Lawrence Gray

13. “It’s OK” – Deborah C

14. “Close Your Eyes” – Danica Muscat

15. “Secretly” – Corazon

16. “Beautiful to Me” – L-Ahwa

17. “Warrior” – Amber

18. “Chasing a Dream” – Trilogy

19. “Once In a While” – Dominic

20. “Love & Let Go” – Ekklesia Sisters

Amber might be the favourite on our poll but who do you think will win? Are you happy or sad about the running order given to acts? Comment below!

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jr esc nl
jr esc nl
7 years ago

amber,karen,jessika or l ahwa please

7 years ago

Amber has the best song, but her voice irks me a little bit. If she can pull it off live then I think it would be a good choice for Malta.

7 years ago

L-Ahwa !

7 years ago

My TOP 5
1. Karen Debattista
2. Lawrence Gray
3. L-Ahwa
4. Jessika
5. Trilogy

7 years ago

Franklin Calleja* my wrong

7 years ago

01. Amber
02. Karen Debattista
03. Franklin Debattista
04. Domenique
05. Glen Vella
06. Jessika
07. Christabelle
08. Corazon
09. Chris Grech
10. Raquel
11. Lawrence Gray
12. Trilogy
13. Danica Muscat
14. L’Ahwa
15. Ekklessia Sisters
16. Lindsay Pace
17. Daniel Testa
18. Iona
19. Dominik
20. Deborah C

7 years ago

I listened to all 20 over the weekend, and here is what my scorecard looks like for the top 10: 1. L-Ahwa 2. Franklin 3. Chris Grech 4. Raquel 5. Danica Muscat 6. Glen Vella 7. Jessika 8. Ekklesia Sisters 9. Lawrence Gray 10. Trilogy I actually have Dr. Gianluca and his siblings, and Franklin, tied, with the tie broken on L-Ahwa’s vocals. But I must say I would probably send Franklin, because I think the potential for him to get more points is slightly greater, and Gianluca has been there before and there might be a possibility that the… Read more »