Nelly Ciobanu, the singer who invited us to join her “Hora din Moldova” in Moscow back in 2009, is back with a new song, “I’m a Hero”. The sweeping ballad is written by a team from Belarus and is exactly three minutes long, which of course made fans hopeful that Nelly might return to the Eurovision stage representing Moldova.

The beautiful ballad was a birthday gift that Nelly Ciobanu made for herself yesterday, when the beloved Moldovan singer turned 40. Nelly did not specify, upon releasing it on Facebook, whether she might submit it to Moldova’s national selection, but the three-minute length of the song is making excited fans speculate that she is indeed bound for a comeback to the stage, after she was a jury member for several years. Moreover, the song is written by Eugene Oleinik, the songwriter who penned many a song for Eurovision, including Anastasiya Vinnikova’s “I Love Belarus” that went on to represent his home country in 2011.

Until we find out more, let’s remember Nelly Ciobanu’s 2009 performance at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Would you like Nelly Ciobanu to represent Moldova once more? And if so, would you like to see her perform “I’m a Hero” in Vienna?

Photo: Alessandro Andreev

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7 years ago