Series five of Sweden’s Så Mycket Bättre (So Much Better) is in full swing, and as always it has a distinctly Eurovision flavour. The show revolves around a number of artists who are housed together for a week. Each episode is dedicated to the music of one housemate, with the others performing their own interpretations of the featured singer’s hits. The current batch of stars include Ola Salo, frontman of the Ark and, wait for it, Schlager Sovereign Supreme Carola Häggkvist.

Carola “Tell Me This Night Is Over”

Week one was all about ex-glam rocker Ola Salo. Given it was his night, Sweden’s Eurovision 2007 representative got to sit it out and watch the rest perform. Of course we were only interested in the main lady herself – Carola. The three time Melfest winner chose to cover “Tell Me This Night Is Over”, showing mainstream fans a new side to her in the process. It’s a much more sombre affair than her Eurovision efforts, and we like it. She may be racking up the hits since the 1980s but she’s still full of surprises.

Carola “Sjung Halleluja (Och Prisa Gud)”

Week two saw Orup (the composer of Sweden’s 2004 entry) take centre stage. Once again Carola was top notch. And why wouldn’t she be? Her chosen song, “Sjung Halleluja (och Prisa Gud)”, is a schlager behemoth dedicated to God, her two great loves. Carola’s rendition is dripping in schlagery goodness, and we can all but feel the machine generated wind on our necks. Love it!

Ola Salo “Trouble”

Ola Salo tackled “Trouble” but in comparison to Carola it was a bit of a a non-event.

Så Mycket Bättre is continuing on Sweden’s TV4, so expect loads more schlager-ific covers. And the best is yet to come – Carola week!

Photo: Carola Official Website

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7 years ago

Comparing Carola to Ola Salo is almost like comparing Katy Perry to Bob Dylan … two musical universes totally unrelated … those who like commercial radio-friendly pop might lean towards some of Carola’s musical universe … but anyone with ears for a more alternative and less commercial approach to music … will lean towards Ola … therefore comparing bananas and tomatoes makes no sense.

7 years ago

‘Ola Salo tackled “Trouble” but in comparison to Carola it was a bit of a a non-event.’

He was much better than Carola.