The Maltese National Selection kicks off on November 21, and the semi-finalists are busy perfecting their performances. Twenty artists want the golden ticket for Vienna, and in the weeks ahead our Austrian correspondent Patrick Melbler will be catching up with ALL of them. This time he talks with Domenique Azzopardi who sings “Take me as I am”.

Congratulations on making the semi-finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest. How does it feel?

Thank you so much. I am honestly thrilled and honoured to be here at this phase for the third time.

Your song is called “Take me as I am”. What’s the story behind it? How did you get in touch with the composers?

Basically it has a simple message. Take a person the way that he/she is with all his/her defects and flaws. Love him/her unconditionally. The songwriters of my song are Aidan O’Connor, Sara Biglert, Christian Schneider and Madeleine Jangklev. I met them all through the social network of Facebook.

You already participated in 2013 with your song “Little too Late”. What has changed since then and will it help you this year?

Obviously I believe that everything changes by time. Now, I am more mature in the general way and also I believe that nowadays I am much stronger as a person.

Do you have a favourite place where you can relax and think about new music?

I think that I can relax and think about new music in the nature – it’s perfect for it.

Domenique1How would you describe the style of music you do?

I basically sing and try every style regarding the pop genre – it fits me perfect.

You are well known in Malta but also in foreign countries like Italy, Bulgaria and the UK. How did you manage to become that popular?

I started my career when I was really young. I am in the music industry for 15 years now and I believe that participating in everything and taking your time to learn to be a better person makes you reach your aim easily. Always climb one step at a time to become famous.

What would it mean to you if you could represent your country in Eurovision?

I would totally be really honoured and I would do my best to make my country proud of me.

Who or what gives you the power to compete for the Eurovision Song Contest?

The power deep inside of me gives me the courage to compete in this competition. The power in learning and becoming a better person and singer is the most important.

Are you a Eurovision fan? Do you have an all-time favourite?Domenique2

Yes of course, I am a big big fan of Eurovision. My all-time favourite is “Me and my guitar” by Tom Dice – such a calm and sweet song.

Have you already listened to the other competing songs? Do you have any favourites?

I already listened to the songs and one of my favourites is Christabelle with her song “Rush”.

Do you have a special message for your fans and readers of wiwibloggs?

I would like to thank you, dear fans, for your time to read my interview and thank you for your constant support.

 Good luck as you battle for the Maltese ticket to Austria!

Thank you for this great interview – it was my pleasure!

Could Domenique represent Malta in Eurovision 2015? Leave your comments below.

You can follow all of our Malta Eurovision 2015 news here.

Picture Sources: PBS Malta, Cettina Camlleri, eurovisionary

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jr esc nl
jr esc nl
9 years ago

i like how she actually has a favourite song from the contest and doesn’t just pick the most obvious choice like (euphoria altough that’s a good song) could you guys please interview amber love her song

9 years ago

How to know if you’re too obsessed with Eurovision: when she said “I met them all through the social network of Facebook,” you started singing “whoo-oo, oo-oh, ohhh.”