The 2014 Swiss representative, Sebalter, may have sang “looking for a candidate / you have an option / only one choice”, but when it comes to finding his successor, the Alpine nation actually has three. As in previous years, the national final will be made up of contestants drawn from three different selection processes organised by the German speaking SRF, the French speaking RTS and the Italian speaking RSI. It may officially be winter, but things are starting to heat up big time.

SRF Voting Opens

For the past month we’ve been able to listen to the online submissions, but as of 10am (CET) this morning, we can finally vote for our favourites. And voting is open to everyone, regardless of your country of origin. Click HERE to listen to all the entries and  vote. But be careful, you only have four votes; use them wisely. The poll closes at 8am (CET) on 17 November, so don’t delay.

We’ve already been talking to a selection of the hopefuls, click their names to read more.

RTS Reveal Longlist

Over the weekend RTS, the French language channel, published a 26 candidate longlist. A professional jury will reduce this down to 12. The number will be halved again during a special radio show scheduled for 20 November. The 26 hopefuls are listed below, and you can hear their songs by clicking HERE.

  1. Matthieu Blanchette – Bring back the moon
  2. Celia – Letter to myself
  3. Licia Chery – Fly
  4. Claudia – Can’t you let me go
  5. Electrum&Elisir – My muse
  6. Michael James – Boom!
  7. Jyaleen – Say hello
  8. Gisel de Marco – Teasing you
  9. Emannuel Leman – Silence
  10. Lorenzo Marra – Life is about moments
  11. Ricky Novak – Un drôle de rêve
  12. Angie Ott – Libre comme l’air
  13. Mélanie René – Time to shine
  14. Sajadi – Après la pluie
  15. Sajadi – Dis-moi quand
  16. Shana P. – Kevlar heart
  17. Veronica Singh – Sparks of sun
  18. Sosofluo – Wedding rain
  19. Taken By Storm – Moonlight
  20. Tosca – Water in the desert
  21. Roman Veda et Dan Sign Sing – Signe-moi
  22. Zéphyr Combo – Avide du soleil
  23. Alenko – Même si tout s’en va
  24. Anach Cuan – Hurdy gurdy girls
  25. Ascomusic – Le monde d’après
  26. Bastoun – Le jour se lève

RSI Announce Jury Members

RSI, the Italian language broadcaster, has received 28 submissions for Vienna. These will be narrowed down to three by a professional panel consisting of Paolo Meneguzzi (Switzerland 2008), Iris Mone and Simone Tomassini. RSI found the winning entry last year; can they do the same again?

Phase Two

18 acts ( nine from SRF/RTR, three from RSI, and six from  RTS) will audition live in front of yet another jury. 18 will become six (three from RTR/SRF, one from RSI, and twp from RTS). And finally after all this, the six will perform in the Swiss National final on 31 January, where one will win the right represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2015.

Phew, we’re exhausted already!


Additional reporting by Padraig Muldoon

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9 years ago

@Bb I agree, ”Same stars” is a masterpiece! I would totally vote for that in Eurovision

9 years ago

I noticed Sosofluo is back (she submitted “Quand je ferme les yeux” to Switzerland’s national final for 2012, and undeservedly finished last). Interesting. She totally has a 90s throwback feel with her song this time – a happy burst of sunshine! The production needs to be cleaner, but I’m sure the audio engineers at the national final can work some magic. By the way, Switzerland, don’t ever do what you did for 2012 again… make sure the performers are allowed to perform their entire song! (Also, imagine if Lys Assia had won the Swiss national final in 2012… Engelbert, Buranovskiye… Read more »

Sam "Sopon"
9 years ago

Gilory is one of the best!

9 years ago

I voted for Ben Payne’s song “Catch Me if you Can” and Patric Scott’s song “Stay”. I feel that the juries will sink Kitty Brucknell and her awful song like a stone

9 years ago

I like Freschta!

9 years ago

Level of songs submitted for Eurovision in Switzerland is tragic and scandalous.

9 years ago

“Same Stars” by Arbresha is amazing! They should send that one to Vienna!