If you spoke Hungarian, you’d understand that ByeAlex is a true poet. As with his lovely Eurovision 2013 song “Kedvesem”, his new single “Osz” includes beautiful lyrics. They’re difficult to translate into English, but people of all tongues will still find a way to love it. After all, ByeAlex has a lot of soul.

Once again ByeAlex uses an animated video to help folks understand the song. It’s an autumn anthem dedicated to Miskolc, the city where he studied during university. When fall arrives it reminds him of a bittersweet love story in which he is the protagonist. It’s definitely not a mainstream song—it has elements of spoken word—but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s simple, deep, slow—one face of ByeAlex.

The Hungarian Eurovision star has been busy. Using his name Márta Alex, the popular musician is now a popular author! His debut book is now out on shelves.


Do you like his new song? What about the video?