The Malta Eurovision Song Contest kicks off on November 21, and the semi-finalists are busy perfecting their performances. Twenty artists want the golden ticket for Vienna, and in the weeks ahead our Austrian correspondent Patrick Melbler will be catching up with ALL of them. Today he talks with Jessika, who is singing the song “Fandango”.

Congratulations on making the semi-finals, Jessika! How does it feel to be back again?

I feel so happy to have the chance to be in the biggest showcase in Malta yet again. It’s always a great feeling to be on that stage!

It’s your fifth time singing in the Maltese Selection for Eurovision. Why did you decide to enter again and will all of this experience help you this year?

As I said before, in Malta this is the best music showcase we have and I wish to represent Malta with all my heart. The experience I’ve got through the years I believe will truly help me as I feel that I am prepared to face the Eurovision audience without too many nerves taking over.

This time your song is called “Fandango”. Can you tell us the story behind it? 

“Fandango” in my opinion is written by two exceptional people, Gerard James Borg and Philip Vella. After working together for several years now, I personally think we’ve achieved a great chemistry and love to work together as we get so creative… In fact, they created a catchy and above all a modern vibe to this song that does not only make it a good Eurovision contender but can also climb the charts. Apart from being a singer I’m a Spanish teacher so the love for Spain and it’s culture can be seen through this song…That’s what makes it a number written especially for me. “Fandango” is a couple’s dance…

Last year, you won the public vote but in the end you didn’t manage to go to Eurovision because of the jury. How did you feel about that? Would you reduce the jury voting power to the usual 50%?

I was truly happy with the televoting result and I believe that it’s obvious, because all artists work hard to create great projects which they can sell to the public as it is they who will hear them and request them on radio. However, my personal opinion is that the voting system should be 50/50, as in the EBU regulations, as I believe the jury can be biased by their favourite genres.

Jessika_2Has your life changed since you started competing in the MESC selection?

Hehe, I believe it’s always the same. I’m still a spanish teacher and a singer/actress. Apart from the fact that people stop me to congratulate me on my performances on tv. I believe that the secret to success is to always remember from where it all began and keep your feet firm on the ground.

How did your musical career start? Did you always know you would be a singer?

I always loved to watch Italian showgirls on tv as we get Italian stations, namely these were Rafaella Carra, Lorella Cuccharini and Heather Parisi. I used to stay in front of the tv, singing and dancing for hours with them. However, my official vocal coaching started when a teacher at school told my mum she should take me for vocal lessons as she believed I had a different and original timbre. So at 6 years of age I started. Thus, yes: I always wanted to be on a stage and sing!

What is unique about you and your song compared to the other contestants?

I believe my song is very modern and a great singalong piece which can get the audience going.

You always have such effective staging. Can you tell us a littleJessika_3 bit about your plans this year?

“Fandango” is a dance tune and thus I believe that yes it has to have a great show to go with it, and as always I promise to give and create a great performance, such as in previous years. People still remember and name these performances.

What would it mean for you to represent your country? Do you think you could manage that as many people consider you a favourite?

It’s my biggest dream to represent my country! I think that if I do a great performance which I’m proud of, I can do it, but it’s always in the public and the jury’s hands if they like my style of music and the performance! So it’s not really in my hands…I can only try to give my best!

Have you already listened to the other competing songs? Who are your favourites and who is your biggest competitor?

I listened to all of them and I believe that there are some great songs. However I always think that seeing the live performances gives another perspective and I can also be biased by my favourite genres. So as long we’re in the competition, all of us will try our best to get the chance to represent our country.

Do you have a special message for your fans and readers of wiwibloggs?

I hope you all support the Maltese talent as it’s important for us singers. This also makes us work more to prepare a better project you can be proud of every time. I always try to give my utmost to have a great project and I really believe in my song “Fandango”. I hope you do too!

It was an honour speaking to you. Good luck and maybe you can dance your Fandango in Vienna as well.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to do this interview.

Do you think Jessika should represent Malta in Eurovision? Leave your comment below!

Picture Source: PBS Malta, Claudio Muscat Photography

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8 years ago

@Charles: The music is driving this song far more than her singing.

I’ve got L-Ahwa, Franklin Calleja and Chris Grech as my front-runners.

Pastora Soler haha
Pastora Soler haha
8 years ago

good luck Jess, from Spain

Hypnotica was 1st for me too

8 years ago

Hell no!!!

8 years ago

The song is childish and she can’t sing live. That she’s proven the past years already.

8 years ago

I hope she wins!

8 years ago

I love her and her song oh so much, but I’m worried that, given how great the jury share is in Malta, her song will be eaten alive.