One of three Swiss broadcasters, SRF has opened the lines and you can now vote for your favourites in their internet selection until November 17. This week we spoke to Rich of Rick & Rich, a Swiss duo who are taking part in the selection with their song “New Day”.

Rick & Rich Interview

Hey there Rich! Around this time last year you submitted “Together Forever” with 3 For All to the Swiss selection for Eurovision 2014 and eventually made it all the way to the final. What have you done since then?

Since then I have recorded my album, which will be released on November 28, 2014. I have also prepared my Swiss tour, which will start on Nov 8, 2014.

This time you are competing with “New Day” as Rick & Rich. How did the duo come together and who came up with the idea of sending the song to the contest?

I have known Rick now over 20 years. We are working very close together. It was always a dream of mine to make a duet with him. Now we have done it. The idea came to us during some recording sessions, and so we did.

Have you listened some of the other songs in the selection? Any favourites?

There are many good entries. But I can’t tell any favorites, because they are very close together.

Sebalter took Switzerland back to the final with “Hunter of Stars” in Copenhagen. What did you think about his song and performance?

As we were in Kreuzlingen for the Swiss Final with “3 For All”, I always thought that he would be tough to beat. Sebalter did very fine in the Semifinal and Final, reached #13 and showed the world that we have still good music in Switzerland. It was a relief after all.

Did you have some other favourites from this year’s contest?

My favourites were of course Conchita Wurst, because it’s a great song, and he/she performed it live at it’s best… and the others were The Common Linnets. I thought that they would do very well, and so they did.

We wish you very good luck! Do you have any message for all the readers on wiwibloggs?

ESC is the biggest music party around the world. So let’s celebrate and enjoy the music.

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