A couple of years ago, die-hard OGAE fans were treated to a full-frontal view of Carola’s private business at the Eurovision in Concert press event in Amsterdam. We thought we saw enough of the conservative Christian diva that day…but clearly we thought wrong.

Tickets to Carola’s first tour in five years will be released tomorrow at 9am CET through Livenation Sweden. Fans looking for a trip down memory lane will be in for a treat, because Carola’s “The Best of Me” tour will feature just that — the best schlager in Carola’s 30-year career. Now that could make for a jam-packed evening!

In a press release the diva explained her decision to tour now. “Now the time feels right for me to go out on tour with both my new and biggest hits. A recent awakening has gotten me to develop, and I’m experiencing one of the happiest times of my life right now!” Having reconciled with her bitter gay fans and moved on musically, we must say that we too are happy for you, girl!

For those of you living in Sweden, no need to rush to book train tickets to Stockholm. Carola will be singing in 19 (yes, 19!) different cities across the country. And yes, for those of you not living in Sweden, there are in fact at least 19 cities in the Nordic nation of 9+ million.

Carola: The Best of Me Tour Dates

30.1  Helsingborg, Helsingborg Arena
31.1  Västerås, Västerås Konserthus
5.2  Visby, Wisbystrand
6.2  Uppsala, Uppsala Konsert och Kongress
7.2  Eskilstuna, Lokomotivet
8.2  Oslo, Konserthuset
13.2  Kalmar, Kalmarsalen
20.2  Jönköping, Jönköpings Konserthus
21.2  Borås, Åhaga
27.2  Linköping, Linköping Konsert & Kongress
28.2  Uddevalla, Agnebergshallen
1.3  Norrköping, Louis De Geer
3.3  Stockholm, Cirkus
6.3  Malmö, Baltiska Hallen
7.3  Växjö, Växjö Konserthus
8.3  Göteborg, Göteborgs konserthus
20.3  Gävle, Gävle Konserthus
21.3  Karlstad, Karlstad CCC
22.3  Örebro, Conventum

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