If you felt a sudden blast of heat from the south this afternoon, you were probably sitting somewhere north of Malta. That’s because Armenia’s Betty brought the sunshine to the first rehearsals with her number “People of the Sun”. Lord, we need to apply some SPF 50 after taking in those rays! Betty, a ball of energy who danced all night at the JESC Opening Party, stands centre stage on a platform during her performance. The LED screen is full of hot colours — reds, yellows, oranges — that mimic the sun and, at times, a big old ball of yarn. She jumps off her platform mid-way through the song and breaks out into dance with her posse, who seem to have drunk a few gallons of Red Bull for breakfast. It’s infectious, danceable, and a huge improvement over the national final. This song really benefits from the rock star stage and dramatic lights. Now excuse us. We’re going to go work on our tans!

Update: We’ve just learned that not all of Betty’s props have arrived. Apparently two of her dancers will be lowered from the ceiling and will do acrobatics.

Betty’s First Rehearsal

We really enjoyed @bettyeurovision’s dancing in the first rehearsal at #jesc #jesc2014 #armenia #Eurovision

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Photo: EBU (Elena Volotova/Maria Mifsud)

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9 years ago

I agree. The background is too busy, but this little girl is amazing. She has sparks in her eyes. The song is great too. But this year I love Bulgaria’s song.

9 years ago

The background is too dark. They need to make it lighter and better.