Sophia Patsalides is a Cypriot sensation—and at today’s first rehearsal she showed us why. Sophia, who won first place with our jury of music unprofessionals, delivered a floor-stomping performance of her song “I pio omorfi mera” (The most wonderful day). Her vocals were powerful and perfect.

The act opens with Sophia with her back to the audience. The camera pans in on her and we sees bolts of lighting on the floor. When she turns around we see the giant LED screens, which feature raindrops falling into a puddle (think Ruth Lorenzo at Eurovision 2014). As the storm intensifies Sophia remains in total control of her voice and her hand movements — at times when she’s dancing it’s like she is swimming air. She’s the only contestant who used the runway, stomping it out clubland style as she made her way to the audience. During the bridge the stage goes from dark and blue to yellow, and then after she breaks the sound barrier like Mariah Carey everything goes pink. Those colour changes help prevent the song from sounding too repetitive, a challenge for for any dance number.

Sophia wasn’t wearing her costume today, so it’s difficult to know if the LED screen 100% works. We’d be surprised if they didn’t make a few changes, as the background seems a bit too flat for this amazing song. Maybe they’ll pump up the storm or add a wind machine during her second rehearsal? We’re already expecting a billowing dress.

You can watch our interview with Sophia here.

Photo: EBU (Elena Volotova/Maria Mifsud)

Sophia Patsalides’s First Rehearsal

#cyprus’s singer @sophiapatsalides was dancing in the rain today at #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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6 years ago


6 years ago

I’m also missing some dancers but who can someone state she is live not as good as expected?

She sounds to me exactly the same as on the fine-tuned record. I think she has a stunning voice and if you introduce a JESC-Ivi-Adamou award she won’t be even nominated for it 😉

6 years ago

Live not very good… Expected more… 🙁

6 years ago

It’s just the first rehearsal:) The dancers will probably come in the 2nd.

6 years ago

It is still my favourite, but why aren’t there any back-up dancers? I think it would be better with some more movement.