During her first rehearsal at JESC 2014 this morning, Russia’s Alisa Kozhikina was a lil’ lady in white. She stood centre stage doing what she does best: belting out powerhouse vocals. We don’t know where she is hiding that big voice. Perhaps it’s her adorable little hair bun? In any event, Alisa has no backing singers and no backing dancers. She’s all alone, but more than capable of filling the stage and the arena. Her simple choreography includes a few arm raises — she is ready to take flight, y’all! The LED screen features a shower of sparks and digital sun bursts — think Sofi Marinova from Eurovision 2012, but much, much classier and minus the cheetah print. Her voice cracked occasionally, but because this is a kids’ contest it actually comes off as endearing and age appropriate. We really enjoyed this for its simplicity and purity.

Alisa Kozhikina’s First Rehearsal


#russia’s Alisa Kozhikina has really simple but effective #jesc2014 staging #jesc #junioreurovision

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Photo: EBU (Elena Volotova/Maria Mifsud)

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9 years ago

Which is not good?! That’s great live singing! You will win Alisa! <3

9 years ago

Not good 🙁 was one of my favourites