In a contest for children, San Marino’s Peppermints are definitely the women. This morning during their first rehearsal they turned the stage into a runway, stomping it out as a group and as individuals. At times they form a circle, stand in a line and do body swirls, and march off in their own direction. There is always movement and it makes for a dynamic presentation. They’ve improved their vocals since we last heard them in action, and the song seems less shouty here in Malta. They come off as humble and quiet off stage, but on stage they are definitely divas. We love it! The LED screen, which they introduced on their second take (so not in the video below), features an intergalactic image of stars, with purple beams of lights shooting through them. At the climax of the song the screen appears to explode with comets. It’s fierce, y’all.

The Peppermints’ First Rehearsal

#sanmarino’s #jesc’s group The Peppermints work their choreography on stage in #malta

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Photo: Elena Volotova / Maria Mifsud

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ESC 4ever
ESC 4ever
7 years ago

WOW!???? Now one of my favorites!

7 years ago

omg they’r my favorite now ! They improved so much and the performance was amazing!!!!!!!

7 years ago