We’ve covered the contests in Athens (2006) and Düsseldorf (2011), so we thought that we should finally make our way back to the 20th century. And what better contest to do than 1999, which is still fresh in some Eurovision fans’ minds. Sweden’s Charlotte Nilsson (now Perrelli) took the title with “Take Me To Your Heaven”. Let’s have a look at the top ten in Jerusalem.

The Top Ten of The Night

  1. Sweden – Charlotte Nilsson – “Take Me to Your Heaven” (163 points)
  2. Iceland – Selma – “All Out of Luck” (146 points)
  3. Germany – Surpriz – “Journey to Jerusalem” (140 points)
  4. Croatia – Doris Dragovic – “Marija Magdalena” (118 points)
  5. Israel – Eden – “Happy Birthday” (93 points)
  6. Estonia – Evelin and Camille – “Diamond of Night” (90 points)
  7. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Dino & Beatrice – “Putnici” (86 points)
  8. Netherlands – Marlayne – “One Good Reason” (71 points)
  9. Denmark – Trine Jepsen & Michael Teschl – “This Time I Mean It” (71 points)
  10. Austria – Bobbie Singer – “Reflection” (65 points)

The Top Ten of Team Wiwi

  1. Croatia – Doris Dragovic – “Marija Magdalena” (actual result: 4th)
  2. Sweden – Charlotte Nilsson – “Take Me to Your Heaven” (1st)
  3. Estonia – Evelin & Camille – “Diamond of Night” (6th)
  4. Belgium – Vanessa Chinitor – “Like the Wind” (12th)
  5. Slovenia – Darja Svager – “For a Thousand Years” (11th)
  6. Iceland – Selma – “All Out of Luck” (2nd)
  7. Netherlands – Marlayne – “One Good Reason” (8th)
  8. Denmark – Trine Jepsen & Michael Teschl – “This Time I Mean It” (9th)
  9. Germany – Surpriz – “Journey to Jerusalem” (3rd)
  10. Israel – Eden – “Happy Birthday” (5th)

Wiwi’s Winner: Croatia

For Jerusalem, Croatia sent Doris Dragovic, who had previously represented Yugoslavia in 1986. She sparked controversy for using “male backing vocals” which were actually synthesisers made to sound like vocals. The EBU almost deducted a third of their points for this. But in the end, Doris received 4th with 118 points. We, Team Wiwi, think that she should have overtaken Charlotte from Sweden and taken the trophy to Zagreb for the first contest of the 21st century.

Wiwi’s Worst: Lithuania

For the last contest of the 20th century, Lithuania sent Aiste, who chose to sing in her native Samogitian dialect. It was the song’s composition that let it down here. It was basically three minutes of the singer standing on stage, emitting ooh’s and aah’s. 1999 was a very good year for singers, and this is no exception. The vocalist is brilliant, but there was just nothing special in terms of composition.

Now You Choose!

As we have done with our two previous Wiwi’s Way articles, we are giving you the power to choose the recipient of Reader’s Way! Choose wisely, as you can only vote once…but you can vote for as many acts as you like.

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Next we’re gonna head to Belgrade, because we’re covering 2008 next!

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9 years ago

Overrated songs that years in voting for me The Netherlands, Denmark, Israel, first two they didn t deserved TOP 10.
Underrated songs from that year for me Belgium,Lithuania, France,Cyprus, Malta , Turkey

For me Belgium, Lithuania and France deserved TOP 10 in filnal, Belgium maybe deserved TOP 5.

9 years ago

I will disagree with the Wiwi Jury a bit. My favorite of this year is with no doubt Iceland’s “All Out Of Luck”. It’s also one of my all time favorite esc songs. It’s such an uplifting feel-good song! 2nd miles after comes lovely Croatia. 3rd place for miss Charlotte, even though this is a weaker song than her next efforts. Cyprus and Belgium come next. It’s a weak year if you ask me. Nevertheless, I love this year just because it brought the fantastic “All Out Of Luck”. Sorry, I’m now heading to hear it, cause you know today… Read more »