Following her first rehearsal, the team from the Netherlands wasn’t happy with the LED backdrop. It looked too simple and simply wasn’t exciting enough for this high-octane dance number. They spoke with PBS and the producers, and today Julia unveiled a brand new set of LEDs at her second rehearsal. There are bigger digital explosions, fewer geometric shapes, and a lot more colour. Think exploding stars, massive red and orange beams of light, and much more movement. It’s a huge improvement and Julia’s team were right to adjust things. As for the Julia, her vocals were even more confident this morning, and her dancers drank a little extra Red Bull this morning. They are really putting their backs into it! This will be a fantastic closer on Saturday!

Julia’s Second Rehearsal at JESC 2014

Julia from the Netherlands had a brand new LED screen and it looks much better! #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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9 years ago

She has what it takes but she really has to nail the round and Arounds in the refrain otherwise Cyprus will eclipse her!! ????