Russia’s second rehearsal was largely the same as the first. Alisa Kozhikina retained her vulnerability and innocence, which come through in her strong yet somehow fragile voice. The LED screens, which were among my favourite yesterday, retain the simple starbursts and comets. When you’re going for purity you don’t need neon green and orange explosions! Alisa is taking it all in stride and enjoying herself. You could hear her giggling with her team before and afterwards, suggesting she’s feeling good and is ready to shine. It’s all very endearing and kid-friendly.

Russia’s Second Rehearsal at JESC 2014

Russia’s Alisa stands before shooting stars in her second rehearsal at #jesc2014 #jesc #eurovision

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Photo: Elena Volotova / Maria Mifsud

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9 years ago

I think she has a great voice, but in these rehearsals she doesn’t sound too confident. Yes, she’s a kid, but even so, this is a contest, so this will affect her.
She’s still one of my favourites though, I just hope she can pull out a better performance on the night that matters.

9 years ago

Perfect! She did great live vocal this time! Looking like pure angel! Go Alisa!!

9 years ago

Very very very false. They will not become in top 10