In one of our juiciest interviews to date, we sat down with the young Georgian singer Lizi Pop to talk about her song, her time in Malta, and more importantly, who Lizi Pop truly is. A budding linguist, ninja warrior, human rights advocate, and aspiring journalist, she dished with wiwiblogger William. Watch it all below:

We were saddened to hear how one of her dancers injured her hand during practice, but the story has a happy ending. Lizi also filled us in on how her staging was set up, and her feelings during the rehearsals. Of course, the adorable fluff-puff that she wears was brought up. Love that neon pink! She’s also very smart, and a girl of many hobbies: she’s a green belt in karate and ain’t afraid to stick up for herself!

She revealed that her song isn’t just about being happy, but also human rights. After learning about the Declaration of Human Rights in school, she now has a lot of sympathy for children less fortunate than her.

Finally, she gave us another message for Europe, but this one is different than the one she shared with us earlier in the week. Lizi Pop has read our minds and wants more countries to join the contest! She has no idea why the United Kingdom, a musical powerhouse, doesn’t compete anymore, and even wants the States to join.

You can follow all of our Junior Eurovision coverage here!

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7 years ago

She is so underrated! Good luck Lizi.