Ahead of tonight’s jury final at Junior Eurovision 2014, the team from wiwibloggs attended the first dress rehearsal. Our 16 stars shined, but who shined the brightest? You can watch snippets of each performance below. You can also see more of our on-the-ground footage by following our Instagram account.

Opening act at Junior Eurovision 2014

The opening image shows a child making a paper plane, which he throws out into the Malta skyline. It travels through Malta — over city and rural vistas, across the sea and ancient relics — en route to the Malta Shipyard Building. The opening dance number features dozens of street dancers dancing before a bright LED of moving triangles (from the official JESC 2014 logo). The Parade of Contestants coincides with this, and the acts are introduced in four separate groups in between the dancing. It’s the most impressive opening we’ve ever seen at JESC. It really showcases Malta.

The opening dance sequence at #jesc2014 #junioreurovision #jesc

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A snippet from the parade of contestants

More footage from the #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision opening #malta

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Junior Eurovision 2014 Running Order and Reviews

1. Belarus: Nadezdha Misyakova – Sokal Nadezdha has her choreography and vocals down. It’s as sharp and crisp as it was in the rehearsals earlier in the week. She isn’t fazed by the big stage. We love the transition from field to red forest, all led by a giant hawk. Here it is:

We love how Belarus transitions from field to red forest with this hawk #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision #rehearsal A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

2. Bulgaria: Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim – Planet of the Children

Bulgaria’s Krisia has finally recovered from her illness, and we are so glad. Her voice is BACK and it’s BIG. Unfortunately we had a technical glitch so there is no sound on this file — apologies!

Krisia has her voice back and she sounds amazing in her #rehearsal #Bulgaria #jesc #junioreurovision #jesc2014

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As a bonus video, here are Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim in the green room toward the back of the Arena:


Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim on the green room at #jesc2014. Next to Belarus

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3. San Marino: The Peppermints – Breaking My Heart

Their LED looks better every time we see it! It’s a full-on intergalactic vista, and the Peppermints are our stars!


#sanmarino is really working their choreography #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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4. Croatia: Josie – Game Over Josie is very demanding of herself, and she didn’t seem pleased after her rehearsal. But we thought it looked and sounded great. Still loving the kid-friendly vibe.

Croatia’s Josie is more confident today #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

5. Cyprus: Sophia Patsalides – I Pio Omorfi Mera

She works this runway like no other! The white dress adds so much, and we’re looking forward to them revving up the wind machine.

We really love the @sophiapatsalides runway walk at #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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6. Georgia: Lizi Pop – Happy Day Perhaps the biggest threat that people are forgetting to talk about. Lizi Pop really soard and we left the Arena humming this. 

Georgia’s @lizajap #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision LOVE THIS A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

We couldn’t help but grab a selfie with Lizi Pop in the green room

Our @DebanAderemi takes a selfie with @lizajap in the green room #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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  7. Sweden: Julia Kedhammar – Du Ar Inte Ensam Julia seemed to be struggling with her earpiece this afternoon. She was slightly off beat and at times stopped singing. But it’s OK: that’s what the dress rehearsal is for. She’ll shine tonight. Her staging and costumes are too good not to.

Loving all this color from #Sweden’s Julia Kedhammar #jesc2014 #jesc #junioreurovision A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on


8. Ukraine:  Sympho – Nick – Spring will Come

Their voices are blending much better now than earlier in the week. They’ve clearly grown close this week!

#Ukraine’s Trio Sympho-Nick during the dress rehearsal at #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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  9. Slovenia: Ula Lozar – Nisi Sam Ula’s LED screen was completely black during her run-through today. It actually looked fantastic and kept the focus on Ula and her voice. We still don’t know if this was deliberate, or whether they’ll return to the more colorful LED screens for the jury final. In either event, we love the addition of pyrotechnics. Ula’s voice gets better with each rehearsal!  

Watch Ula Lozar disappear into a plume of smoke. Gorgeous #jesc2014 #jesc #junioreurovision A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

10. Montenegro: Lejla Vulic & Masa Vujadinovic – Budi Dijete Na Jedan Dan

Lijla and Masa win the award for most improved this week. They manage to make a simple act interesting, and boy is their riff catchy.

Masa and Lejla during their rehearsal #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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  11. Italy: Vincenzo Cantiello – Tuo Primo Grande Amore Okay, we’re now pretty sure the LED screen is broken, because Montenegro and Italy are now rehearsing without any background. But that isn’t stopping young Vincenzo from delivering a killer performance. You could lock the kid in a box and his voice would still come out better than most adult Eurovision contestants. He’s a real dark horse.  

Italy’s Vincenzo Cantiello just doesn’t miss a note! #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision ????? ???????????? wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

12. Armenia: Betty – People of the Sun

@bettyeurovision is wearing her hair curlers as her dancers take flight #jesc #jesc2014 #armenia

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13. Russia: Alisa Kozhikina – Dreamer

No Alisa, YOU are our everything! #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

14. Serbia: Emilija Djonin – Svet U Mojim Ocima

Serbia’s Emilija Djonin will stand up and walk after all #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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15. Malta: Federica Falzon – Diamonds

The amazing Federica Falzon at #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision #malta A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

16.The Netherlands: Julia van Bergen – Around

Dutch singer @xjuliavanbergen is killing it at her #jesc2014 rehearsal #junioreurovision #jesc

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Snippets of the voting recap

Snippet of the voting recap with #Bulgaria and #sanmarino #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

The voting recap for #malta at #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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The group song #together


The group dance number #together at #junioreurovision #jesc2014 #jesc A video posted by wiwibloggs.com (@wiwibloggs) on

The ending of the group song #together #jesc #jesc2014 #junioreurovision

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 You can follow all of our Junior Eurovision 2014 coverage here.

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My predictions for the contest are:

1. Malta
2. Cyprus
3. Slovenia
4. Belarus
5. Bulgaria
6. The Netherlands
7. Serbia
8. Armenia
9. Russia
10. Sweden
11. Ukraine
12. Italy
13. Georgia
14. Croatia
15. Montenegro
16. San Marino




My OFFICIAL Prediction…

01) Cyprus – 167
02) Serbia – 162
03) Italy – 147
04) Montenegro – 138
05) Belarus – 130
06) Georgia – 122
07) Slovenia – 121
08) San Marino – 117
09) Bulgaria – 108
10) Croatia – 103
11) Sweden – 92
12) Armenia – 73
13) Russia – 54
14) Netherlands – 46
15) Malta – 30
16) Ukraine – 19


I hope San MArino will win!


I think Netherland will win but Malta is also in the race for the wjn


I think there are many countries who have a change to win, like: The Netherlands, Belarus, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, Georgia, Sweden.

But I think The Netherlands and Bulgaria will fight for the win

Deven O'Kearney

I think Malta may easily do the double and win again this year.
Malta 2015 seems to be calling. 😀

BTW, about next year, I think we will see 3 debuting countries:



I think its a race between Netherlands, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Belarus and I think that the Netherlands will win and Belarus comes very close in second place.

My prediction:
1. Netherlands 145
2. Belarus 141
3. Bulgaria 122
4. Cyprus 101
5. Malta 99
6. Russia 78
7. Slovenia 76
8. Georgia 73
9. Ukraine 72
10. Sweden 68
11. Armenia 45
12. Ukraine44
13. Serbia 22
14. Croatia 21
15. San Marino 16
16. Montenegro 14


Junior Eurovision 2014 will be better than Eurovision 2014.