Maltese songwriter Matt “Muxu” Mercieca is a busy man. Next week at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, Amber will sing his song “Warrior” and Christabelle will compete with “Rush.” But tonight he’s focused on someone else: Malta’s Junior Eurovision 2014 singer Federica Falzon, who will sing his number “Diamonds.”

“I’d never written for a soprano before, or an 11-year old one,” he tells us. “I had to make it suitable for a child, but she doesn’t sound like a child. She sounds like an adult.” He says that she came up with lots of ideas, and wrote much of the song herself. Her music video is great, but he says she shines brightest when she is on stage. “We always say people will get the wow factor when she performs live. When she performs live it’s on another level.”

Federica’s songwriter: Matt “Muxu” Mercieca


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8 years ago

Malta will win for sure now!!!!! I don’t know why but today while I woke up and said that Federica will win this. I have done this in ESC 2013 too. When I woke up on Saturday morning I said Emmelie will win and she did. I felt that in Greek NF 2013 ?

8 years ago

The winner – yes?