The Malta Eurovision Song Contest kicks off on November 21, and the semi-finalists are busy perfecting their performances. Twenty artists want the golden ticket for Vienna, and for the past few weeks our Austrian correspondent Patrick Melbler has been catching up with ALL of them. This time he talks with Trilogy who are singing the song “Chasing A Dream”.

Congratulations for being part of Malta Eurovision 2015. How do you feel?

We are very thrilled to be here and we are looking forward to a great experience on stage.  We can’t wait to perform!

Your song is called “Chasing a dream”. Can you tell us the story of it and how you came up with it?

Our lyricist Joe Julian Farrugia was inspired to write a message of hope for anyone experiencing some form of oppression or isolation, such as oppressed minorities.  The idea is that with one’s inner strength and with the power of love, you will find the strength to keep chasing your dreams no matter what.

How did you three come together? What’s your story?

The original Trilogy was formed in 2006 and since then we have had 3 Maltese national final participations as Trilogy, with “This Heart of Mine”, “Starlight” and “The Song in Your Heart”.  We have had changes in our line up and this year we are very pleased to have Ludwig Galea (ESC 2004) with us.  We have worked together in shows, concerts and musical theatre extensively before, so Ludwig was a natural team member before the conversation to have him on board ever happened.  It was in fact a very warm and friendly conversation over drinks between us after a Musical Theatre show at the Manoel Theatre in Valletta.

You have a long history in Malta Eurovision as you are participating since 2006. What was the best moment you had and will all that experience help you this year?

‘Starlight’ gained us 2nd place in the National Final in 2007 and opened us doors to work with UK producers and to perform live in other European locations.  We have experience both as individual soloist singers and as Trilogy so we think that this will surely give us the preparation to give our best performance, which is what this show deserves.

Which of your songs from the National Selections do you feel the strongest connection with?

Every festival has its own story and every one of our songs has its own story.  Even though Starlight was the most successful, we are equally attached to the others.  In fact even our fans pick different favourites, probably because each song speaks differently to each person.

You are known for your touching voices. Did it take special training to develop that characteristic?

All three of us had formal training in music, voice and theatre arts. The crossover element of our style requires a certain discipline on the voice, which can’t be gained by raw talent alone.  What’s great about our trio is that all three of us see the importance of being dedicated and we do music for the sake of the art.

A special question for Eleanor: You had the chance to sing the American national anthem in front of 40,000 people in San Francisco. How did you get the chance to do that and how did it feel?

I went to San Francisco to visit my cousins. They are very big fans of the baseball team the San Francisco Giants. Knowing that I sing, they told me to try and audition for the national anthem. So I recorded the anthem locally and sent it to my cousins. After a couple of weeks, I received a phone call from my cousin telling me that I had been chosen.  At first I couldn’t believe it and I can tell you that it was an amazing experience that I will cherish forever.

A special question for Roger: You have won several “best artist” awards in Italy and even in China. How has that come about?

I like travelling a lot! So I also like travelling to sing in different shows and competitions. The way these things work is that once you perform in one place you get invited to go to other places and that is what happened. I participated and gained great results in other European festivals outside of Malta, including the Discovery Pop Singer Contest in Bulgaria, which both Eleanor and I won by singing in duet. That was when I went quite a bit around to sing, including in Italy and China. In Italy, in 2010 I gained the Best Artist Award in the festival “Canzoni Dal Mondo” and also in China in the festival “New Asian Singer” I got another award and gained 6th place in a contest of 35 international artists, which was a good achievement for Malta. Being half Filipino I felt quite at home singing along side other Asian performers.

A special question for Ludwig: You already represented Malta in Eurovision 2004. How was that experience and does it give you an advantage as you participate this year?

It’s always a privilege to represent your nation in such an extraordinary event like Eurovision. I have great memories which I’ll cherish forever. The experience of just being there and performing is already something.  More over if one achieves a good result as we did it makes the whole experience much more unforgettable. It’s not being there already that just gives me the power to participate but after years of experience and performing together with Eleanor and Roger in the musical world makes this journey special and different in many ways.

Have you already heard the other competing songs in the National Selection? Do you have any favourites?

We haven’t had the time to listen to all of them so we cannot really decide on favourites. We are looking forward to the rehearsals so we can hear them live at the venue. However we are all a very friendly bunch and there is a lot of mutual respect between all the artists.

Do you have a special message for your fans and readers of wiwibloggs?

We want to thank you for supporting Eurovision and Malta Eurovision and we hope that you will support the Maltese winner who will go to Austria no matter who it is. We also thank you for supporting Trilogy and our music and we hope that you keep chasing your dreams!

Thanks for the interview! Good luck to you and maybe your dream to represent Malta next year will come true.

You’re very welcome. Yes we hope so too! We really dream to go to Austria to meet the European Eurovision fans and give a good performance for Malta!

Do you think that Trilogy will represent Malta in Eurovision 2015? Leave your comment below!


Picture Source: PBS Malta

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Ian Fenech
Ian Fenech

They are my favourite entry! So powerful and graceful. I hope they win!