Anggun has appeared in a clip performing ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ with Il Divo. 

The French Eurovision 2012 contestant has collaborated with the classical crossover group for the French-language release of their album A Musical Affair.

The soaring vocal scales are a world away from the dance-pop of ‘Echo (You and I)’ but Anggun still rocks it. Her haunting voice, the subtle wind machine and some icy piano keys make the clip one to remember.

Anggun on Ebola

Like many stars though, Anggun’s activism goes hand-in-hand with her artistry.

She recently sent a moving message to la Corsa dei Santi – urging participants to enter the fundraising run to help combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

The Saints Run is an annual race in Rome and this year is raising funds to help provide medical supplies and humanitarian relief to combat Ebola. SMS messages and phone calls will also be used to take donations.

We salute the message — and Anggun!

She was also one of several speakers at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy‘s ‘A World Without Walls’ conference in Berlin which marked the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The conference is a leader in its field and features a variety of events on topics relating to international relations.
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9 years ago

Awesome… GO GIRLS

xandre lee
xandre lee
9 years ago