The Malta Eurovision Song Contest kicks off on November 21, and the semi-finalists are busy perfecting their performances. Twenty artists want the golden ticket for Vienna, and for the past few weeks our Austrian correspondent Patrick Melbler has been catching up with ALL of them. Today he talks with Iona Dalli who is singing the song “Could’ve been me”.

Hi Iona. Congratulations for being chosen as one of the 20 semi-finalists. How do you feel?

Great! I consider myself so lucky to be in the semifinal this year, as I saw in the sneak peak videos, the stage and it is going be spectacular.

Your song is called “Could have been me”. Can you tell us the story behind it? How did you get in touch with the composer?

The song was written three years ago. It is about a person who wished she had not let go of another person, but now she regrets that choice and is seeing the other person with someone else. My Dad used to work at the airport were he met Philip Vella and contacted him about the song.

You have tried to enter MESC several times in the past, but you never got picked. Why did you decide to enter again and who gave you the strength to do so?

It was not exactly my decision to enter this year, but my family believes in me and they submitted my song. I signed but I did not want to go ahead and submit it.

IonaWhat would it mean for you to represent your country in Eurovision and do you think you could manage a victory?

It would mean a lot to me. Yes, sure I think I can manage a victory and I will put my heart and soul into it because I will not only be representing ‘Iona’ but I will be representing Malta and the people who trusted me.

Are you a Eurovision fan?

I used to be a Eurovision fan but in the past three years I lost a bit of interest in the Eurovision. One can understand the disappointment of working hard to submit a song and then in the last phase the song doesn’t make it to the semi-finals but now I’m back in the Eurovision fever!

You had the chance to sing the famous song “Viva Malta” in China. How did you manage that and how did it feel?

Yes, it was an amazing experience which I will treasure for all my life. I was 7 years old and at that age children learn more quickly. I personally learned the song in one week. It felt great and I still look back and thank god for that opportunity.

You will be the second artist to perform your song in the semi-final. How does that feel and can you already tell us a bit about your performance?

I was hoping to be number 6-14 , I was quite sad when I learned I was going to be the second artist to sing, but I got over it by thinking positively (my performance will be ready as soon as the show starts and I will have time to relax and enjoy the rest of the night watching the other artists perform). My performance will be revealed on stage!  

How are you preparing yourself for the Maltese national selection for Eurovision?

A lot of rehearsals, meetings and research – I’m well prepared!

What’s unique about you and your song compared to the other Iona_Dallicontestants?

I think that the style of this song is not heard a lot in the MESC, so that’s why I think it is unique!

Have you listened to the other competing songs? Who is your favourite and who could be your biggest competitor?

All the songs are very good and special, but I like the song “Beautiful to me” by Lahwa!

Do you have a special message for your fans and readers of wiwibloggs?

NEVER GIVE UP! This year I was going to give up and with the help of those who believed in me I got back on my feet and here I am in the MESC…. living one of my dreams.

Good luck to you! Maybe you will represent Malta at Eurovision 2015!

Thanks a lot!

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Picture Source: PBS Malta, Iona Dalli