Yesterday we brought you part one of our interview with Maltese pop star Ira Losco, filmed inside the Music Suite in Malta’s Palace Hotel. She worked her angles, talked about music, and gave us face, face, face! In part two, Ira chatted with us as we waited for our table at the Tabloid Restaurant inside The Palace.

She talks about her philanthropic work, bullying, her boyfriend (who competed on “Master Chef” in the UK), and what it was like being a sexy shipwreck survivor for her video for “Shouldn’t Have to Bother”.

“I enjoyed being at sea and swimming,” she says. “Usually you’re doing photo shoots in bikinis in the middle of January, or you’re doing shoots in winter clothing in the summer.”

She also tells us why she recently asked her fans whether she should do Eurovision. “I wanted to gauge what people were seeing,” she says. “Were they seeing the same thing that I was envisioning? I might, might, might, might consider next year.” We certainly hope you do!

Ira Losco interview

You can watch Part One of our interview here.

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5 years ago

Ira please come back.