Mariya Yaremchuk has finally released her highly anticipated new single “Protiv Vetra” or “Go Against the Wind” in English, her first since Ukraine’s triumphant 6th place finish at Eurovision. This time she’s taken a new approach by dumping the sparkles and hamster wheel, allowing her vocals to become the star of the show. Opting to sing in Russian rather than English or Ukrainian, the clashing piano chords are a harsh contrast to Mariya’s soothing voice. However, it brings uniqueness and power to the ballad.

We can’t dance to “Protiv Vetra” like we danced to “Tick Tock”, but the song demonstrates that Mariya can really bring out the big notes when she needs to. She’s stripped back and showcases her raw talent perfectly while the violins evoke classiness and poise. The question is: which side to Mariya do you prefer – the pop princess with the wind machine or the sophisticated songstress with the orchestra?

Picture source: @m_yaremchuk on instagram

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8 years ago

Ente3o entra em contacto com a Maria (do site, que esta cdtiao neste artigo) e em ingleas pode fazer todas as suas perguntas, tenho maior certeza que ela vai lhe ajudar naquilo que quer comprar / vender da Ucre2nia.Blogeiro

9 years ago

Very nice song!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

9 years ago

I second David, both sides are good, don’t make me choose!

David Thielen
9 years ago

OOPS, make that I “refuse” to pick

David Thielen
9 years ago


ps – I prefer to pick, I find both songs amazing