We’re not superstitious, but we definitely love a good coincidence when it comes to the voting results at Eurovision and Junior Eurovision. JESC 2014 was full of them. Let’s review.

Does Slovenia predict the winner?

Eurovision 2014: Slovenia gave 8, 10 and 12 points to Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria — the acts that finished, third, second and first.

Junior Eurovision 2014: Slovenia gave 8, 10 and 12 points to Armenia, Bulgaria and Italy — the acts that finished third, second and first.

In the future we’ll definitely be placing our bets after Slovenia announces its results!

Does the eventual winner predict fourth place?

Eurovision 2014: The winning nation Austria gave 12 points to Armenia, which finished fourth.

Junior Eurovision 2014: The winning nation Italy gave 12 points to Malta, which finished fourth.

It’s almost as if the winner wants to hand out a consolation prize to the act that almost cracked the top three. 

Does the host country predict third place?

Eurovision 2014: Host country Denmark awarded 12 points to Sweden, who ultimately finished third.

Junior Eurovision 2014: Host country Malta awarded 12 points to Armenia, who ultimately finished third.

Apparently the hosts love bronze medalists!

Is #11 the new starting position of choice?

Eurovision fans always pray their favourites will perform in the second half, or even better, in the final five or six acts. But following the past three Eurovision-JESC events, we’re thinking spot #11 is the place to be. 

Eurovision 2014: Conchita Wurst won singing in position #11.

Junior Eurovision 2014: Vincenzo Cantiello won singing in position #11.

Junior Eurovision 2013: Gaia won singing in position #11 as well.

Thank you to wiwireader @joelalmonds for the tips!

Photo: junioreurovision.tv (EBU)

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7 years ago


7 years ago

Oh yeah, didn’t think about position 11! Although in a contact with 26 songs it’s usually a disadvantage, in comparison to one with 16 songs, so in ratio, 11th out of 16th is about the same as 18th out of 26, so it’s bang on, since 17th is the most popular winning position in ESC.

7 years ago

Cool beans!!! 🙂

7 years ago

All 12 points from ex soviet countries at Junior Eurovision got Armenia.

7 years ago

What a funny little world 😀