Magdi Rúzsa is back.

Rúza, most famous for representing Hungary in 2007, has been a regular fixture on the A Dal Jury in recent years. But she’s left the judges chair behind for now and is focusing on her new single—Ég és Föld (Heaven and Earth)—which is based on a Hungarian poem.

The song appeared on her most recent album Tizenegy, but with the title Csak a bolond (Only a fool). Magdi thought her fans didn’t understand the positive message of the ballad, so she changed the lyrics and asked Lotfi Begi, who is a part of Compact Disco (ESC 2012), for a little help. They renamed the song “Heaven and Earth” and then dropped this atmospheric black and white video. It stars Magdi, Gábor Madarász (who composed the music) and of course Begi, who made the remix.

The song is the latest in a series of collaborations between Begi and Madgi. You can listen to two of them — Szerelem and Nélküled — below.


Do you like her songs? Or is it not your cup of tea? Comment below peeps!

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DJ Tiggeh
DJ Tiggeh
7 years ago

I would have Magdi back in Eurovision. She put on an awesome performance.