Viktor Király may not have won A Dal 2014, but his star and status in the Hungarian music scene just keeps on rising. He has worked with DMC, released a single called WORK, and, most exciting of all, recently dropped his new album 3RDIMENSION. It takes us through the range of emotions — happy, sad, emotional, drunk on love — and douses it all with a distinctly American feel (he worked with a young team from New York on this one). The “third dimension” is a personal one, and we are glad to see it.

The album features “Running Out Of Time”, “Work” and his latest single “Légzés/Exhale.” It’s a ballad in Hungarian—finally—something that Hungarian fans have been craving. But if you don’t understand Hungarian, please keep calm. We have an English version too.

The new single isn’t his first ballad. Fans will remember that he wrote Forgószél and Solo earlier in his career. In Légzés he shows his soul again. It portrays him as a romantic, and someone who possesses both strength and vulnerability. Viktor can love a girl with all his heart….

Viktor Kraly “Exhale” (Audio)

Király Viktor — Légzés (Hungarian)



What do you think about his new single? Are you excited about his new album? Can anything be better than “Running Out Of Time?”

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9 years ago

I’m not blown away by this soul track, but it’s a decent song performed by an accomplished vocalist that conveys introspection and credibility. The sound production and the arrangement are top notch.