The team from wiwibloggs has always valued our readers’ opinions. It’s one of the reasons we’ve accepted and published opinion pieces for years. This is nothing new. However, in recent weeks we’ve received more than a dozen messages from readers who are keen to share their opinions in video format for the Wiwi Round-Up, our weekly web series where our team of correspondents sound off on the past week in Eurovision. Well your wish is our command! As part of our new segment Shout It Out, we’ve decided to start accepting short video submissions where you guys let us know your thoughts on a variety of topics. We’ll share some of the best videos in the Wiwi Round-Up, on our YouTube channel, and on wiwibloggs.

Shout it out on wiwibloggs

So let’s get it started. This week we are asking our readers to send in short videos (no more than three minutes, please!) answering any of the following questions and prompts.

1. Discuss: Amber deserved to win the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014-2015 (Story here)

2. Who should sing for the Czech Republic at Eurovision 2015? (Story here)

3. Which #melfest 2015 act are you most excited about and why? (Stories here and here).

4. Discuss: Is it right for Anouk to have “total control” over Trijntje’s Eurovision 2015 act? (Story here)

5. Lithuania has a rule that says every performing group member applying for the national selection must be a citizen of Lithuania. What do you make of the citizenship rule?

Please state your name and country, and, if you’re feeling generous, say hey to wiwibloggs! When you are done, please e-mail the video to [email protected] and CC: [email protected]. Please put Shout it Out  in the subject box.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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