We’ve already heard Zlata Ognevich’s musical take on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, now it’s Anastasia Prikhodko’s turn.

She represented Russia at Eurovision 2009, but the “Mamo” singer’s allegiance has been with Ukraine ever since the first protests last December. She participated in the “Bring Peace” Tour alongside Zlata, Mariya Yaremchuk, and Ruslana in the summer, vowing to never sing in Russia again. So unsurprisingly, “Heroes Do Not Die” is steeped in patriotism.

Sung entirely in Ukrainian, the track isn’t as immediately accessible as Zlata’s “Pray For Ukraine”. Nonetheless, it packs an emotional punch. Hauntingly bleak, Anastasia’s mournful vocals do all the talking. We don’t know what she’s singing, but through her voice alone we can feel not just her pain, but the pain of her people.

The video is a sombre affair. Crammed with contrasting imagery – soldiers setting out to war, delicate snowflakes, molotov cocktails, burning doves – the almost cinematic clip depicts a nation at war, not just with Russia but also itself. It’s grim beauty perfectly captures the age old paradox – “fighting for peace”.

Anastasia Prikhodko “Heroes Do Not Die” Music Video

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8 years ago

I’m sorry for her 🙁