Every week our team of global correspondents publishes around 40 stories. With the Wiwi Round Up, we review some of our favourites. Last time it was all about #melfest returnees and San Marino’s Anita & Michele. This week wiwibloggers William, Denise, Ori and Deban look at whether MILKI should win in Belarus, the 2015 Eesti Laul contestants, Anouk’s control of Trijntje, and Greece’s confirmation, among other things.

You can watch their full discussion below, or check out the running order and skip to the specific story which grabs your interest.

Wiwi Round Up Week 49

Running Order

2:47 – 9:05 Belarus’ EuroFest 2015

9:06 – 14:19 Estonia’s Eesti Laul 2015

14:20 – 18:50 Trijntje to unveil song on 11 December

18:51 – 23:47 Eurovision News Flash 

23:48 – 28:20 Greece confirms participation

28:21 – 31:37 Georgia will stage a national selection

31:38 – 36:46 Anna Bergendahl’s new single

36:46 – 39:59  Should Conchita Wurst host Eurovision 2015?

42:00 – 43:30 Max Jason Mai returns with new single

43:55 – END Israel’s national selection


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9 years ago

@ DR
I also liked Sweden’s 2010 entry!

9 years ago

William Lee Adams, you sir give me LIIIIFE. “Hot and hotter, haaaaayyyy”. Hahahaha I completely agree.

9 years ago

Am I the only who liked Sweden’s 2010 entry, but I like that kind of music.
Greece this year should have been higher, but not that much. It was generic R&B with a Greek intro. I would have put it between 10-15.
I’m not gonna complain about Eric Saade’s photos, he’s hot, and I wouldn’t say no.