Back in November we reviewed Mariya Yaremchuk’s haunting new single “Go Against the Wind”. wiwiblogger Katie Wilson applauded Mariya for “dumping the sparkles and hamster wheel” and “allowing her vocals to become the star of the show.” It was great material from a great vocalist, and left us gagging for the official music video.

Well it’s finally here. Released on December 11, it uses haunting visuals to showcase a haunting song and casts Mariya as both caregiver and child-in-need. The grown-up Mariya gives succor to a child in distress. But in moments where adult Mariya writhes alone in her bed, it becomes clear that the child represents her own past trauma. Thankfully Mariya survived, and now she’s tending to her own past wounds and those of others. Her warmth contrasts sharply with the run-down, derelict warehouse, suggesting you can “go against the wind” and find comfort in even the least hospitable places.

The video has left us day-dreaming that Ukraine will return to Eurovision 2015 — and with Miss Yaremchuk as an internally seleted candidate. This is obviously just a daydream, but one we’re happy to relive over and over…

Go Against the Wind video

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7 years ago

I could see her breaking through internationally as a James Bond girl and singing the theme song.

7 years ago